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A valuable sale with Hutting Brokerage

High-quality sailing yachts deserve to be sold in their own way. Use the expertise of our yacht builders and the international network of Hutting Yachts for a successful and valuable deal. Contact us to discuss all the possibilities there are to start the proces of selling your yacht.

The advantages

  • Our craftsmen see the real value of your sailing yacht.
  • We offer everything under one roof: maintenance, refit, a marina and winter storage: a big advantage for both the seller and the buyer.
  • As yacht builders, we can assess the technical condition and determine the real value of your sailing yacht as well as giving you personal advice.
  • We can recommend various independent CV’s who can carry out the technical sales inspection for you.
  • All marketing efforts are paid for by Hutting Yachts: the viewings and sea trials, showcasing the brokerage during events, international fairs, advertising both offline and online, social media and emails. A photo shoot of the sailing yacht is also included.
  • Sailors know where to find us for the sailing yachts in this specific industry and we know how to find them through our extensive international network of prospects
  • We work according to Hiswa conditions.


We specialize in selling all-round cruisers, regardless of brand or material. What matters is the current state of the yacht and its quality. We prefer selling brokerage yachts from our designated 'brokerage harbor' at the yard. This way, we can easily arrange viewings, trial sails, and ensure more exposure. While it's also possible to sell your yacht through our brokerage from a different overseas location, as we understand that some sailors prefer to keep on traveling.  We specialize in yachts ranging from 35 ft to 65 ft, with asking prices starting from €100,000. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the brokerage possibilities.


Before we welcome a sailing yacht into our brokerage, we take a close look to ensure it's in the right condition for a successful sale. To kick off the process, we need to understand every detail about your yacht. We offer guidance on maximizing the chances of a valuable sale, and we can organize a CV (Condition Value) inspection for the necessary technical check. Simply fill in our specification form and share as many photos and videos of your yacht as possible. If feasible, we might even arrange an extra photo or video session at the location to ensure top-notch online representation for an active sale! Once on board, we handle all communication with potential buyers, arrange trial sails, and keep you in the loop. If an offer comes through, we'll reach out to you. If a deal is made, we ensure the sales contracts are prepared and ready for your signature!

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